About Soul Space

Inspiring peace, love and magic into your tomorrow.


Soul Space Therapy, LLC is an individual owned private practice. What this means for you is you are not going to have a therapist turnover in a few months and have to tell your whole story over again. I am very person centered and I take a lot of pride in developing a therapeutic relationship with my people and helping them grow and create their goals. 


Your Journey

The road to wellness is a journey and it should include someone you trust to share it with. In therapy it’s sometimes taking a look at things you have avoided addressing in hopes that the issue will go away. I have a saying that it isn’t time that heals all wounds, it’s about hitting the play button on our life again after a hurt. This can include grief and loss, the ending of a relationship, or a traumatic incident just to name a few examples. This is my invitation to start that journey into shifting and changing old patterns into creating things that work better for you and your life.